AS Go Group is the parent company of the group’s 18 subsidiaries and the most widely known of them are Go Bus, Go Travel, Go Craft, Go Hotel Shnelli, Go Track, Go Rail, Go Property, Go Forward, Go Oil and Edelaraudtee. Our busy team has nearly 20 employees who support the companies of the group daily in the areas of finance, law, information technology, personnel, marketing and communication.

We have comprehensive specialised knowledge in our field, including the ability to involve additional specialists whenever necessary. Our work is highly professional even if the client would accept work of inferior quality.

We are results-oriented, achieving the desired goal on time and utilising our professional expertise and well-planned work organisation.

We are entrepreneurial in the continuous development of our knowledge and skills and in updating our work processes to offer a competitive and value-adding service price.

Employee- and family-friendliness is one of the important goals Go Group constantly strives for so that employees can perform at their best professionally. We have passed the Family-friendly Employer label programme and have been awarded the bronze level by the Ministry of Social Affairs. This shows that we value the well-being of our employees and that the company has made a conscious effort to successfully enable a work and family life balance. We want family-friendliness to be the mindset of the entire company so that work, family and hobbies can be cohesively integrated. The Family-friendly Employer label is complemented by the Remote Worker label that we have also been awarded. It recognises that we favour flexible working methods and are a good example to others in this regard.

The companies of the group are constantly seeking ways to foster the sustainable development of Estonia. We are very practical in this regard. We focus on what we can do better tomorrow compared to today. When making decisions, we consider whether the chosen solution is sustainable. Many small decisions eventually lead to big change. In recent years, the various green deeds of the group have given us the most joy: we have reused rubble in railway repairs, built six solar parks, installed e-chargers in stations and introduced e-vehicles, replaced lighting both indoors and outdoors, improved the insulation of the buildings, automated climate control, and driven millions of kilometres on biofuel. The ISO 14001 certificate of environmental management system has been acquired by Edelaraudtee, Go Track and Go Craft. The Ecostars label has been obtained by Go Hotel Shnelli.

Go Group organises the international handcar rally Relsiralli, bringing to the railway nearly 200 representatives of various railway companies and safety-related professionals every two years. Over the course of two days, participants pump on handcars across 120-200 kilometres depending on the route, take part in skills competitions and interact with the fans who came to cheer them on. Irrespective of the country and the team, the competition promotes railway safety. The broader aim of the handcar rally is to raise awareness of railway safety and to be considerate of one another so as to prevent accidents on and near railways. The original idea of Relsiralli, which started in 2002, comes from Finland, where the unofficial Handcar Rally World Championships have also been held. Handcars for the Relsiralli have been designed and manufactured by the craftsmen of Go Track.

Go Group is constantly improving, with the aim of being better today than a year ago. We are ambitious, we set high goals for ourselves and we keep working towards our objectives. Over the years, we have supported action-takers who share the same values, dream big and dare to push their boundaries. Together, we can make the world a better place and inspire others.

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We are looking for good people to join us who share our values. We value open communication, common goals and a balanced work and family life. We offer health insurance or sports support to our team members and organise fun events together. If you are interested in working at Go Group or one of our group’s subsidiaries, please contact our HR manager Anneli Alpius.